Hang Gliding Equipment

This was my latest, greatest glider and cross-country gear before leaving the sport.  If you’re an advanced hang glider pilot and have never tried a wing like this, you should.  It’s still the state of the art in free flight.  Located in Boise, ID.  Contact:  CircleUpAgain@yahoo.com

  • 2002 A-I-R ATOS C rigid wing hang glider.  Low airtime, excellent condition.  Includes two spare uprights, a spare nose stinger, and a rib tensioner tool.  Asking $4500. Sold.
  • Complete oxygen system with Mountain High EDS model D1 electronic oxygen delivery, two 16.4 liter aluminum oxygen bottles, padded case to hold two bottles, regulator, cannula, mask, extra tube and couplings, manuals.  http://www.mhoxygen.com/ $1200 new.   Asking $750.  Sold.
  • Brauniger IQ Competition/GPS fight computer with upright mount, airspeed sensor, bag, manual.  $700 new.  Asking $300. Sold.
  • Moyes harness with back plate and foot-activated push-to-talk.  Mounts for oxygen bottle, radio, external antenna, extra radio battery, water bladder, hook knife, parachute storage.  Custom built for my 5’ 8 1/2” frame.  Well used but still in good shape.  Sold.
  • Wills Wing LARA parachute with bridle swivel.  Never deployed Smile. Purchased new around 2000 for $650.  Sold.
  • Icaro 2000 full-face helmet w/ integrated microphone and custom storage bag.  Size 62/XL.  Scuffed but structurally sound.
  • FLy 2000 flight boots.  Mens 8 1/2.  Good condition.
  • Ultra Mitts bar mitts.  Well used but still serviceable. Sold.


ATOS C Rigid Wing Hang Glider

The carbon control frame was replaced with standard aluminum uprights and base tube and front wires were added.  This is a common configuration in areas with high density altitude like Idaho.  It would be easy to convert it back to the C configuration, just need the carbon control frame (I sold mine years ago).

The glider has very low airtime—about two seasons.  Manufactured in 2002, I’m the second owner.   North of $12,000 new.  I purchased it for $8,500.

Damage history:  Minor sail damage from a soft landing on a fence post (didn’t contact the leading edge or any of the spars).  Perfectly repaired by Dick Cheney (no, not the politician) at Great Salt Lake Sails, it’s barely possible to see the repair.

It’s currently in a crate in my garage, ready to fly.





Polar, Carbon Speed Bar


Uprights, nose stinger, tensioning tool

Moyes Harness



Wills Wing Parachute


Mountain High Oxygen System

All oxygen components new in 2000.  The bottles are good for five years on a test and have never been retested since new, so are due.  $20 / bottle for test according to Norco.  Both bottles are nearly full.  Here’s a link to the manual: http://1drv.ms/1Lg8q09





Brauniger IQ Competition/GPS Flight Computer


Icaro 2000 Full Face Helmet


Fly 2000 Flight Boots


Ultra Mitts bar mitts


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