Gearhead Kurt

I’m a tech geek with an appreciation for alternative energy sources including sun, wind, and myself. I commute via human power year round in Boise, Idaho, USA and similarly tour whenever and wherever I can. My vehicle of choice since around 2004 has been recumbent tadpole trike. My first was a homebuilt Thunderbolt design from the skunkworks of my friend Paul. After about four fantastic years of triking (not bad for prototype #1) it was replaced in 2008 with an ICE Q. The Thunderbolt and modified Q are still in service by Paul and my wife, respectively.  I’m now operating my third trike, the result of the efforts documented herein.

The original goal of this site was mostly to organize my own notes as I worked through what was, for me,  a fairly complicated trike build.  I found information about Alfine Di2 in particular to be pretty sketchy, maybe someone else can benefit from my experience with it.

Now that the original goal is complete, I use the site to pontificate about the arcane fringes of human-powered travel.

See my first post for a little background on this site.

Happy tinkering,

Kurt Ziegler

Contact: kurt zighome net

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