Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Trouble with Alfine

My precious Alfine hub will soon be at peace with its maker, but I’ve still got some healing to do.  My experience with Alfine has been a roller coaster ride that has left me wary of internally geared hubs.  Not to mention anxious, moody, and prone to sudden outbursts of sobbing.  Combined with my DualDrive and Sturmey-Archer experience I guess  you could say that I’m thrice bitten… fourfold shy?  I’ve lost count.  What follows is my therapy.

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Di2 Battery Life

I’ve now got enough data on Alfine Di2 to jump to some conclusions about Di2 battery life in general.  Some of what follows is still conjecture, hence the jump, but seems reasonable based on the data I’ve got so far.  Update: Click here to cut to the chase;  a running report of my real-world battery life since January 2015.

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