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Twenty Thousand Miles

Sometime this spring I’ll pass the 20,000 mile mark on my 2008 Trice Q recumbent trike (now the HDQ).  Chump change for some, but to me a lot of miles.  Between daily, four-season commuting; weekend sport rides and overnight tours; occasional week-long commercial tours; and one epic 5 1/2 month, 4,500 mile tandem ride across the U.S.; this trike has seen a lot of action.   I thought it would be interesting to document how the trike has held up through all of this.

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Trikes and Trailers

An aside while I figure out how to proceed on the Sprint Di2 project…

This post is not the “Pannier vs. Trailer” debate.  In my opinion there is no debate.  If you’re carrying more on a tour than you can fit directly on your trike, you need to get rid of something or do a better job packing.  Continue reading