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The Case of the Offset Derailleur

Now that I’ve knocked down the big sources of noise, I can hear the smaller ones.  Given the unexplained offset in the derailleur adjustment, it should come as no surprise that I was now contending with derailleur noise.

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Yeah, I’ve had a few.  With a few hundred miles on the new trike, it’s becoming clear that I and the ICE design team have made some poor choices.  Nothing too serious, but annoying nonetheless.

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Recumbent Belt Drive

Now that I’ve seen belt drive in action on a couple of “city bikes” in town, I can’t seem to let this one go.  On an upright bike, belt drive is smooth, reliable, light, and silent.  On a recumbent it has the potential to solve what for many is their bane:  a long, greasy, noisy, unwieldy chain.  This post is my attempt at taking a closer look to see what might be preventing the adoption of belt drive for recumbents and, specifically, ‘bent trikes.  I’ll discuss the issues I see, many unique to ‘bents.  Then I’ll see if I can figure out what it would take to adapt my current trike to belt drive. Continue reading